Hi! I’m Gail Marie

Are you ready to take your life and faith to a whole new level and have a friend there to help?

I’m ready to take this journey with you!

My Back Story

….The truth is, it’s not been easy. In my 50 plus years on this planet, I’ve been broken to pieces and at times I’ve wanted God to take me out of this messy hurting world.

Just a few things I will share with you now.

I’ve had a marriage of 13 years and a business and a new home with a great future get ripped from me due to infidelity. I’ve had another marriage where I was verbally and mentally abused. I’ve been with a controlling husband and one addicted to drugs. Plus, I’ve known unbearable loneliness in a marriage when the outside world saw what they wanted to see, two people who are crazy in love but far from it behind closed doors. I’ve had times that I didn’t have trash pick up because I couldn’t afford it, years I didn’t have cable or satellite or internet. I’ve known great physical pain and fear of the future, too. I’ve had many sleepless nights praying and grieving, I’ve been down on my knees asking God to just see my pain and please show me the way out. I’ve raised my son on my own without a husband or a dad involved, no grandparents to help raise or babysit or anyone to help. I only say this to let you know struggles I do know quite well.

Gail’s Expertise

Gail has been a certified Dream Builder Coach with the Life Mastery Institute since 2019. The founder of the Brave Thinking Institute, Mary Morrissey, having invested forty years into the study of the art and science of transforming dreams into reality, Mary has helped millions of people world wide to achieve new heights of meaning, purpose, aliveness and authentic success. Life Mastery Institute is the world’s leading training center for transformational coaching. Gail is one of five thousand coaches worldwide that have been through this prestigious program. After receiving her certification, Gail has worked with Jenniffer Jeminez through the Health and WellBeing division for 12 months. Jennifer is a health and wellbeing industry leader and conscious dance expert. Jennifer has been featured in Self Magazine, Women’s World, and has shared the stage with Bob Proctor and Wayne Dyer and many more.
Gail has gone on to work with Mat Boggs, Love and Relationships division at the Brave Thinking Institute. He is the author of the best selling book Project Everlasting. Gail has taken classes with Dr. Dawson Church. He is a bestselling author, scientist, visionary, and scholar. Gail has attended the Tapping World Summit for 4 years taught by Nick and Jessica Ortner. Nick and Jessica with their brother, Alex, created The Tapping Solution fifteen years ago. It has now become a worldwide favorite for everything EFT. They have reached millions of people worldwide. Gail has taken several Eden Energy Medicine courses with Donna Eden. Donna is among the world’s most sought, most authoritative spokespersons for Energy Medicine. Her abilities are legendary. Gail is continually pursuing her education and has studied vitamins, supplements, essential oils, and other alternative medicines. She believes these tools are a gift from God to aid in keeping us balanced and our temples clean.

Fun Facts and Core Values

  • My hair always changes. You can't take the hairstylist out of the girl.
  • Indulges: I love an espresso poured over vanilla ice cream.
  • I also love fashion.
  • I love to travel. I prefer the beach over the mountains, but why not do both?
  • I can nerd out on the science that puts me in the awe of our Creator.
  • Family first, I am a mom above all else and so proud to be.
  • One thing I could live without? Dog hair!! Keep the dogs 😉
  • I love God, and I desire to be His servant.
If you asked my friends or family or my clients, they would all tell you Gail is so caring. Above all else she is a friend and easy to talk to about anything.


“Gail has a very empathetic character that made me feel comfortable from the start. She is a natural with God given insight. I was an emotional mess with a family matter and in just a short time working with her she defined what I needed and I learned how to overcome these things. I now have the skills in my life to continue with these practices. Gail is an excellent listener and displays genuine concern at all times.”

– Judy

“I have had the opportunity to work with Gail. It was a wonderful experience. She is warm and welcoming and helps you feel comfortable opening up about yourself. She helps you find the amazing things about yourself and gives you the confidence to reach for the things you dream about. She is absolutely gorgeous and can’t help but be inspired by her positive nature.”

– Melony

“Gail is amazing and very encouraging. She has a genuine passion for transformational teaching. She is sincere and cares about people she is working with.”

– Jully

“Gail is an absolutely amazing lady with an ability to touch people’s hearts and help them to understand their worth. She digs deep into subjects to help you understand there is science underlying why women think certain ways. Sometimes there wasn’t a dry eye in the class. She can help with different techniques she’s learned to get you out of your head and into a better way of thinking. Gail believes we need to shine bright and be who we all want to be but have always been afraid to show it. We are not to put ourselves in the back but to glow and live a life we dream of. It doesn’t matter what you are going through, she has answers to help with a wide range of topics. I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to hear her amazing journey and witness the need she has to bless others.”

– Karin

-author unknown