Work with Gail

What does it look like to work with Gail?

Gail starts preparing for your time together in prayer several minutes before your session begins. She takes your time together very seriously. She takes a compassionate approach for those with longing and discontent seeking an abundant life. Gail’s desire is to touch people’s hearts and to help them understand their worth and potential. Gail believes God still speaks to us in ways we might just be ignoring.

What is Gail’s coaching style?

Evocative Coaching supports the client in understanding that inspiration, ideas, thoughts and everything required to live a life they love is already within themselves. My role is to help my client call forth their inner wisdom. It is invitational in language and style.The client is their own highest authority in all matters. I help my clients use their six mental faculties: imagination, memory, will, reason, perception,and intuition. I guide my clients with curiosity and imagination. I work with the client to discover what is seeking to emerge in their lives.

Why does this matter to you as a Christian that I use evocative coaching? It’s an uplifting experience. For example, if I asked you a personal question, “What is one step that you could take this week in the direction of a life you would love?” There are many answers, but only a couple that would be your answers. Your Spirit you were born with and the Holy Spirit you received when you were baptized are your highest guides; they will not lead you astray. It’s my job to have my Spirit plus the Holy Spirit guide me to ask you the very important questions. This reminds me of this scripture—Matthew 18:20 “When two or more are gathered in my name there, I will be also.” So to me nothing is better than this way of coaching.

These are a few things you will learn on your journey

1. Defining what you would really love. This may sound easy at first, but you will need to dig
deep to see if it’s really coming from inside your heart or what you were programmed by
society to believe you would love.
2. Testing that the life you would love to see is placed on your heart by God.
3. Shifting your perception so you are ready for change.
4. Befriending your fears.
5. Setting yourself free with the practice of forgiveness.

There are 16 life-giving fun lessons we go through.

How do I get started?

Gail will start with a complimentary discovery session, so she can evaluate your needs and see if you both are a good fit to work together.

For most people, a six month program is best, however there are shorter options as well. It will depend on your needs. That way you can go through all four areas of your life and create balance so you love your life. The areas she works through are health and wellbeing, your free time for fun and money balance, your relationships, and your career.

A note from Gail on divorce

Divorce, …it’s an ugly word. It’s the person who’s supposed to be there for you forever becomes the enemy. It’s that sickening feeling in the pit of your stomach when every cell in your body is in fight or flight maybe for weeks at a time. It’s not knowing when the next thing will rip the rug out from under you when you think you just can’t take one more thing. You are all alone because no one around gets it. They say you’re lucky, you now can move on. You’ll get someone better. Now you’re ready for the next chapter, and you don’t know how tomorrow can happen. Your friends and family and even worse your church family doesn’t get it. Your future you had died. Everyday you are getting rejected from the person who said in front of God and your family that they would vow to love you forever. You’re lost not knowing how to cope. On top of it all you question yourself and don’t trust yourself with the right answers to pull yourself up out of the darkness. That was me and if you are a christian and attend church it’s embarrassing and you feel like now you have an invisible scarlett letter D on your chest for all to see and judge you. You know the salt and pepper shakers in the movie Fireproof? Yep! Ripped apart never to be put back together the same again.

I have good news. You know the saying where there are scars there’s stronger tissue? I’ve taken the last four years fine tuning a repeatable reliable proven method plus I got certified as a transformational spiritual life coach. I don’t want anyone else to waste time in that dark place. Please don’t waste years not knowing how or when life will get back to normal. Plus not feeling worthy of asking God for a life you would love living. Remember that person inside you that you were as a kid before all the bad things happened? The smiling, carefree, dancing, laughing kid? Let’s get that person back! Let’s move mountains just like God says we can if we have faith as small as a mustard seed. I moved my mountain! I wake up everyday in love with my life. Let’s make it your turn now!

A few Lessons with the Divorce Recovery Program

1. Empowered Self-Image: I will help you develop a better self-esteem and self-image, enabling you to let go of embarrassment or shame associated with divorce. You will embrace your worth and understand that your past does not define your future
2. Renewed Purpose: Discover a renewed sense of purpose on this post-divorce journey. You will understand that divorce does not define your worth or your relationship with God. Instead, embrace your identity as a beloved child of God.
3. Forgiveness and Healing: Through the process of forgiveness, both towards yourself and others involved in divorce. You will learn to release resentment or bitterness, allowing God’s healing power to work in your heart and restore faith.
4. Self-Care and Personal Growth: You will prioritize self-care and personal growth, understanding the importance of taking time for yourself. In this part I will teach you how to live single and love this time of healing. You will learn techniques for self-care, such as mindfulness, setting boundaries, and pursuing your passions, leading to a more fulfilling and balanced life.


If you are needing help fast then we would start with EFT, also known as “tapping”

Who is EFT for? It is used for a variety of things. I like to start with this if a client is going through a divorce, or a death of someone close to them or having any high stress situation where their thoughts are scrambled and they feel overwhelmed. We also use this in the health and wellbeing part of the program if the client is struggling with high amounts of pain or wants to lose weight and have a better self confidence. Tapping quickly halts the fight or flight response and lowers your cortisol levels. You are able to change how your brain reacts to stress.

Depending on your unique situation these sessions might be one to six sessions. Most of the time one to three guided sessions with me and you maintain these on your own after that.

Where do you tap? The side of the hand, inner eyebrow, the outer eyebrow, underneath the eye, underneath the nose, the chin, the collarbone, the side of the ribcage, and lastly the top of the head. These are guided sessions where we tap and talk and you will follow my lead.

The science behind it, Dr. Dawson Church’s Harvard studies show that stimulating selected meridian acupoints by tapping them decreases the activity in the amygdala, as well as other parts of the brain associated with negative emotions. In fMRI and PET brain scans, you can clearly see the amygdala’s alarm bells being quieted when acupoints are stimulated. So in simple terms it bridges the gap between your body and mind. When you tap while focusing on the thought or feeling or pain you relax the body and send a calming signal to the brain telling it that it, too, can relax. This simple explanation is said so perfectly by Jessica Ortner in her book The Tapping Solution For Weightloss and Body Confidence.

So my dear Christian brother or sister, I invite you to take the first step towards this amazing transformation. Let’s work together to create your beautiful next chapter!